National Medal of Technology Award for Watts S. Humphrey

Watts S. Humphrey was awarded the National Medal of Technology for his contributions to the discipline of Software Engineering. He is best known for the Software Capability Maturity Model (SW-CMM), the Personal Software Process and the Team Software Process.

The National Medal of Technology is the highest honor awarded by the President of the United States to America's leading innovators. A formal ceremony took place March 14, 2005, at the White House.
The National Medal of Technology is given to individuals, teams, and/or companies for their outstanding contributions to the nation's economic, environmental, and social well-being through the development and commercialization of technology products, processes, and concepts; technological innovation; and development of the nation's technological expertise.

Humphrey's books were always clearly written but were considered “overhead” by far too many programmers and considered “userful” by far too few software engineers. It's good to see that he has been recognized for pushing the limits of software quality, even if most shops seem to support the idea of “good enough.”

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Josh Poulson

Posted Tuesday, Apr 5 2005 01:22 PM

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