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DB2 9.5

Extending the great first run of DB2 Viper (version 9), IBM released DB2 9.5 today. I'm already downloading it, and I suspect the users of the free Express-C version have some updating to do to take advantage of new features. I'll probably go play with the warehousing features first, but others may want to try out XML transactions.

Josh Poulson

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Job Changes

This week I've moved to a new job in IBM's Linux Technology Center (LTC). I am moving from my role as an “Area Project Manager”—covering development teams doing networking, filesystems, RAS, device drivers, and more—to being a “Technical Resolution Manager”, one of a team of professionals that handle escalated customer complaints. It will be good to get close to customers, understand their needs, and get them what they need from IBM. After six years at IBM this will be my fourth role.

In the new role, while I'm getting trained, I'll be working out of the Beaverton, Oregon lab a little, but I should be able to keep my work-at-home status when I'm up to speed. It's great to be able to work from my office, even if it encourages me to be working more hours than your typical 9-to-5.

In other Linux news, Brian Warner has put together Planet LTC, a aggregation of blog posts from LTCers around the world. There have already been a lot of interesting posts to read.

Josh Poulson

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New MT, New Host

This is a test to see if MT 4.01 is working, and to see if I'm up and going at Dreamhost.

Update: Looks like we got it working. There may be some more bumps in the road when we move DNS over later, but the blog is up. Yes, I know commenting and trackbacks are broken, but I will approve comments and trackbacks that look right. The error page discourages spammers.

Josh Poulson

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