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Amazon Buys Audible.Com

I admit I haven't written in a while, but here's a more interesting story than the political cess that's been depressing me lately. Amazon is buying out Audible.com for $300M. I've been an Audible.com subscriber for years and I've been buying from Amazon.com since the mid-90's, so this is an interesting merger to me. Amazon's recommendation engine and related electronic materials will be a welcome addition to the always-good-quality Audible books and podcasts.

Josh Poulson

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Warner Goes Blu-Ray

Warner has decided to go exclusively to the Blu-Ray camp. Since I bought Playstation 3 systems for Blu-Ray movie support, I'm hoping this signals the coming end of the high-definition disc format war.

Now we need Paramount and Universal to come over to the Blu side, and we want New Line to put The Lord of the Rings out.

Josh Poulson

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