A short description of Josh Poulson

(from my bio I wrote for my Capstone project)

Josh Poulson is currently serving as a Development Project Manager at IBM, serving as a conduit of real-time strategic information between one hundred systems software developers, senior management, and release management in the Linux Technology Center. With over twenty years of software development experience, he has been a software development manager, project manager, team lead, and senior software engineer for IBM, Informix Software, ADP Dealer Services, Microsoft, Technology Specialists, Inc. and the Administrative Computing Department of Widener University.

Poulson has also been involved in many community activities, as a candidate for political office, a board member and parliamentarian for non-profit political and professional organizations, and a instructor trainer and expert witness for firearms and Law Enforcement organizations. He is currently serving on the OHSU Student Council and the Bylaws and Finance Committees of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers. He has been involved with the Association for Computing Machinery, IEEE, the Project Management Institute, the Product Development and Marketing Association and the American Institute of Parliamentarians.

Poulson earned a B.S. in Computer Science from Widener University, with a minor in Mathematics, in 1991. Since then he has taken various graduate studies on topics of professional interest ranging from Computer Science to Business Law. He has a Graduate Certificate in Management in Science and Technology from Oregon Health & Science University and is expecting to complete his M.S. Degree in 2006.

Poulson has a wife Misty and two children (Alana, 9 and Ryan, 6) and lives in Ridgefield, Washington.

(From my bio I wrote for NWSAFE)

Josh is a long-time shooter, especially pistol shooting, beginning with BB guns in his youth and moving into the defensive shooting sports as he matured. Most recently he has been competing in defensive shooting matches in Oregon and Washington.

Josh focuses on coaching students through finding the best techniques for them to shoot well. He has studied widely, including at The Place to Shoot's Training Technologies Group, Firearms Academy of Seattle, Chapman Academy, and the Lethal Force Institute, holding various certifications and qualifications from those schools, including certification as a Deadly Force Instructor. When he's not having fun shooting, he is a software development manager.

He is certified to teach Home Firearms Safety, Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun, Personal Protection in the Home, Range Safety Officer, and is also a Training Counselor.

(From my profile for LinkedIn.com)

Ambitious, driven and resourceful business strategist and I.T. leader with an exemplary background in conceiving and developing unique initiatives to propel technology to the limit and optimize performance. Capable of tackling the most challenging I.T. issues and delivering results. Creative, recognized for keeping on the leading edge of technology and utilizing the latest applications and hardware. Results and performance driven, thrives in an environment of constant challenge and diversity. Articulate, breaks the technology barrier down, acts as the conduit between customer and the technical experts. Industrious, exudes energy and confidence, motivates and mentors team members to succeed and deliver quality work within strict specifications, time lines and budgets.


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