Four years ago today, Misty and I were married. However, I still sometimes think she wasn't sure what she was getting into back then:

She got used to the idea eventually:

it's been a wild and wacky 4 years and we're going for 400 more.

Josh Poulson

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Big Green Box

Big Green Box by Josh Poulson

A big green box appeared under (besides) the Christmas tree for Misty. Whatever could it be?

Josh Poulson

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Misty's iPod Followup

Well, Misty's iPod is working now. I basically charged it up overnight on the wall charger instead of in the dock and everything started working again. I could have sworn that charging up in the JBL OnStage would be enough but obviously it wasn't.

The little battery indicator on iPods is clearly not very useful.

(This is a followup to this posting.) links:

Josh Poulson

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Misty's iPod

Misty's iPod Mini has developed problems.

It's “menu” button on the clickwheel has become unresponsive. I have turned on and off the hold switch and I've reset it. I made sure it was charged up. All the other buttons work, including the scrolling function. It's just that most of the time you click “menu” and nothing happens.

This is a serious problem if you want to go back up to a previous menu. Not only that, but the backlight seems to come on at random. The problem materialized when we were setting up for playing Christmas music a couple days ago. We have a JBL On Stage that I got her for Christmas that we all love to use. I wonder if the On Stage broke it.

I've been wandering around Apple's technical support pages for a few minutes this morning and I'm finding nothing of help other than the things I've done already. I have the latest software on her iPod. The stories I've been reading as I searched for help appear to indicate that Apple is less-than-helpful when it comes to clickwheel problems. I hope I have a legitimate problem they will fix.

I just submitted a service request and I'll have to mail in her iPod. Sigh.

Update: I've followed up on this posting here. links:

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Got Misty logged on...

I just walked Misty through making her own posting on her web log, which I will not make public. With any luck we'll have lots of activity for her. I think we'll wait a bit before Alana or Ryan start posting on the web.

Note to self, remember the difference between "Draft" and "Publish".

Josh Poulson

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