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Excel 2007 Multiplication Bug

From Slashdot we learn that Microsoft Excel 2007 has a serious multiplication bug. Drop “=850*77.1” into a cell and watch it turn into 100,000 instead of 65,535. In fact, a lot of the results that end up all 1's in binary have problems discovered by alert readers. Previous versions of Excel don't have this problem.

We'll see if this has something to do with all the under-the-cover work to handle their new XML-based file formats…

Update: Nope, just tried putting the formula in the previous version's format and loaded it into Excel 2007 and it's still makes the error. This probably has more to do with performance tweaking than supporting new formats.

9/26/07 Update: Microsoft is working quickly to fix it.

Josh Poulson

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More Trash Talk From the Freedom States Alliance

The Freedom States Alliance is an anti-gun group that has me on its mailing list. Every day they send me some piece of hyperbole or nanny-state fetishism. Today they equate the hanging of traitors with racist executions:

Help Prevent the Lynching of America by the Gun Lobby
September 12, 2007
Dear Joshua
In Pennsylvania, gun lobbyists threatened the sponsor of a gun control bill, suggesting that he be “hung from the tree of liberty for treasonous acts against the constitution.”
Have you had enough of the threats of violence from gun “enthusiasts”?
We have.

It seems to me more like a threat of prosecution to me.

Attempts to portray gun owners who protect their rights as racist rednecks to the anti-freedom lobby. Between mocking people with quotation marks and smug pronouncements with trite phrases, the Freedom States Alliance has it all, swiftly produced through a media machine intended to draw donations.

Let's ask. What should the penalty for treason be? Isn't subverting the Constitution a form of treason since it invalidates the consent of the governed?

Josh Poulson

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