Random Jamaican Rest Area

Our bus ride for “Best of Jamaica” included a brief stop at a random Jamaican rest area. It was beautiful.

Random Jamaica Rest Stop by Josh Poulson

Sometimes white, sandy beaches get boring. I really like this shore:

Jamaican Shoreline by Josh Poulson

Now, this particular tour was supposed to be a short guided tour bus trip taking us to a yacht that sailed down this coast to the foot of Dunn's River Falls. We were supposed to walk up the falls, lunch in Dolphin cove, perhaps do some shopping, and come back. Instead it turned into 2 hours of riding a bus to Dunn's River Falls, only an hour to walk them (we got rushed out, and as a result one of our party twisted her ankle), a few minutes to shop, a lunch at a hotel (which was nice, but we wanted Dolphin Cove), a short ride on a boat for no particular reason other than to sell us hair braiding, and another 2 hours in a bus to come back (late).

Shorex (Royal Caribbean's excursion partner) did partially refund our money, but we still came away from it with no pictures on Dunn's River Falls except a DVD they rush-printed for us while we visited the nurse to make sure the ankle wasn't broken.

The tour guide was very helpful, as were the rest of the staff, but I'd have to say it was a disappointing day in Jamaica.

Josh Poulson

Posted Thursday, Nov 16 2006 03:18 PM

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Regarding your statement: "Instead it turned into 2 hours of riding a bus......for no particular reason other than to sell us hair braiding..."

Man, that sounds familiar! Those Jamaicans are hustlers. I didn't think they were going to let us off the bus at Doctors Cave without either a fist fight or us ponying up 30 bucks each for a tour of that fine city! We were in Grand Cayman the next day, which sure was a vast departure from the hassle of MoBay.

Dave Shuck

Posted Thursday, Jul 19 2007 01:49 PM

I'm looking for a bus company that will pick our team up at either Kingston or montego bay airport and be available to drive us to matches football matches we schedule in and side tours we may take for five day. What are your rates. We have a party of 25 coming to Jamaica.

Thanks and best wishes.

Paul Banta

Paul Banat

Posted Thursday, Sep 13 2007 05:05 AM

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