So, people are already wondering why I didn't post yesterday, at all, after a long string of days where I posted several times. Well, not only did I have lots of reading to do (of which I did some), there really hasn't been all that much interesting to post about. We had an ice storm on Saturday that melted off by noon on Sunday so we were perhaps a little stir-crazy. I did break out my copy of Microprose's Diplomacy for my computer and played around with it. It's far too easy to beat, though, as I remembered. Civilization III is a little too addictive, so I avoid that. I can rule the world in 15 minutes with Diplomacy.

Sure, there are allegations of massive voter fraud in Milwaukie, WI, but I'm pretty burned out from the discussions of King County and Ohio and Florida in 2000. I still think we should have a revote on the Washington Governor's race, but the proper thing is to reform what we have to make cheating and incompetence harder.

There is a Q&A session with the Clark County Auditor tonight (7:00pm at the Clark county Elections office in Vancouver) where he will address questions about the election, and I am tempted to go to see what's going on, but will it really change anything? Maybe, instead, it would mean that my name would go on someone's list. I don't really need that.

A bunch of folks are excited about the upcoming inaugural. Well, I'd like to celebrate, but I'm not a crowd of people person. I'm also not the gung-ho Republican many seem to think I am. Yeah, I fight against gun control, support cops surviving on the streets, and the War on Terror, but I also don't care as much as others about gay marriage, abortion, and religion. I'm a libertarian because I want to be left alone by everyone else.

Not many people care about my work on the MST program, so maybe I'll stop reporting on that. There's mild interest in the cruise stuff, but not much. I suspect people would be more interested in a six pound hamburger. As it is, I see that I get a lot of visits from spammers who have nothing useful to say. Pictures draw far more interest than text, too.

I'm not about to start lecturing on technology management anytime soon, if people are hoping for that. I got to lead a discussion this week in my marketing class and it wasn't a resounding success. I guess it takes a different personality than mine to drive an online discussion. It seems like that if many of these folks didn't have a grade riding on their participation they'd just read the book and be quiet. Of course, I'm a big fan of reading books quietly myself… if only the rest of the family liked that too.

Update: I admit that I've been involved in a lot of ASLET bickering on the “LETrainer” mailing list. I wasn't sure that folks find that interesting… Some of my ASLET articles here are popular, especially the report on Mark Rizzo.

Josh Poulson

Posted Monday, Jan 17 2005 11:02 AM

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[quote]Pictures draw far more interest than text, too.[/quote]
Sad but true. Just like the old saw: "a picture is worth a thousand words"
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Z.Z. Bachman

Posted Monday, Jan 17 2005 09:19 PM

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