Freedom of the Seas

Filling out my forms for this year's upcoming cruise I ran across a Crown & Anchor Society photo and essay contest where the prize was a cruise on the Freedom of the Seas, a ship that's not set to sail until April of 2006. It got me curious, I needed to go look this one up.

Turns out Freedom is the anticipated name of the “Ultra” version of the Voyager of the Seas that we cruised on in 2003. It's to be the largest cruise ship in the world, surpassing Queen Mary 2. Now, I selected Navigator of the Seas because of my experience on the gigantic Voyager so now I gotta get onto Freedom.

“Freedom of the Seas will be the most head-turning, most innovative and most forward-looking ship in the cruise industry,” said Richard D. Fain, Royal Caribbean Chairman and CEO. “Its name was chosen deliberately to convey the enormity of features and amenities offered on this extraordinary ship.”
“Freedom of the Seas is really all about freedom of choice. Freedom to explore. Freedom to relax. Freedom to make one's own holiday plans reflective of one's own tastes and interests,” he added.

Some of the features I look forward to sampling some day are the shipwide cellular coverage and Wifi access. That's a dramatic improvement from the 56K dial-in offered to me onboard Voyager in 2003. Folks might have noticed I was hard to reach for that week, because I just didn't bother.

They also make a big deal about the global use of flat-screen TVs throughout the ship, included all 1800 staterooms. That will certainly reduce some of the bulk in the cabins. However, they also point out that they intend to increase cabin space in other ways as well. has the full press release and some more information.

2/10/05 Update: I found pictures of the keel being laid at Cruise News Daily

Also, it appears that Crown & Anchor Society members will be able to start booking on Freedom of the Seas starting February 28th, 2005. links:

Josh Poulson

Posted Saturday, Jan 15 2005 03:30 PM

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Freedom of the Seas Update

This morning I got a email from Royal Caribbean about Freedom of the Seas reminding Crown & Anchor Society members that come February 28th they'll be able to book rooms on this ship before the rest of the general public.... [Read more]

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