Busy Day in Olympia

There was a Revote Rally in Olympia today. Stefan Sharkansky of Sound Politics, amongst others, spoke to the crowd of over 1,000:

We can all see how our elections process, the core of our democracy, has broken down. It’s kind of a metaphor for all that ails our political institutions. Underperforming, untransparent, unaccountable. Is it really “good enough for government work” to have 3,500 or 2,000 or whatever is the number du jour more ballots than voters? The airlines figured out years ago how to count both boarding passes and the people sitting in the airplane and come up with the same number. Why can’t our elections officials figure out how to match the number of ballots cast with number of eligible voters who cast them?

He didn't get to read all of what he prepared, but he did post his speech.

Even so, Gregoire was certified by the Democrat-controlled legislature as the winner of the election.

The vote to delay failed on a 65-80 vote (65 in favor of delay, 80 opposed, with two members excused for health problems).

Despite problems in King County, tomorrow she is scheduled to be sworn in.

In fact, the saga in King County continues.

Initially, King County's records showed 3,539 more ballots cast than people credited with voting. Elections officials worked to reconcile that number and announced last Friday they had accounted for all but 1,217 of the votes.
In reviewing the reconciled list, however, state Democratic Party officials noticed a mistake: The names of many voters appeared twice.

This puts it at approximate 1,800 more ballots than people counted as voting, in a county that voted for Gregoire far more than it did for Rossi. Add this to 348 provision ballots that were mistaken added to the mix without being verified and while we don't have proof of fraud, we have proof of a failed election.

More and more I support the revote. Go to www.revotewa.com to join the petition. I don't know if it is relevant once she is sworn in, but one can only hope that it is.

Josh Poulson

Posted Tuesday, Jan 11 2005 06:15 PM

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