“The Memos Are Fakes!”

The Memos Are Fakes

Cox & Forkum have another hit with this little number on the Thornburgh and Boccardi report on Rathergate.

I read their blog regularly at this point. I still need to buy their books.

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Josh Poulson

Posted Wednesday, Jan 12 2005 02:15 PM

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Saying they are fake and not listening anymore doesn't cut it.

But since that is the standart Operating Procedure for a Republican, what can one expect from the team that created and implemented 9/11 and blamed a fake terrorist organazation that only has ties to The US's CIA and Israel's MOSSAD.


Fake my ass!!


Bush is a deserter!! Plain and simple.



Posted Wednesday, Jan 12 2005 02:28 PM

Guess I'll address these in order.

I was involved in computerized typesetting in the early 80's. It was difficult then to create the results which were purported created nearly a decade earlier than that by a Colonel that hated typewriting and kept no personal files.

Next, I'm not a Republican. When I was last required to register in a political party, I registered Libertarian. I was a member of the board of the Libertarian Party of Oregon. I ran for office as a Libertarian in 1998. While I recently split with many libertarians (note the small “l”) over the War on Terror, which I feel is justified, I stll have more sympathies with them than the GOP. I will admit that I sent money to some GOP candidates this past election season as well as to the Clark County GOP. That does not make me a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

The team that created and implemented the September 11th attacks was Al Quaeda, not the GOP or Cox & Forkum. They are most definitely not a fake terrorist organization as even the New York Times referred to them years before the attacks.

The operational arms of the CIA and MOSSAD would not really benefit much in destroying one trillion dollars of the US economy by blowing up the World Trade Center in a highly public terrorist attack. They also wouldn't slam a plane into the Pentagon right where the Office of Naval Intelligence is located.

I have no idea if your ass can be faked, so why are you asking me to?

If Bush was a deserter, or absent without leave, he would have been charged and court-martialed as such and would have received a “Less than Honorable” Discharge at the very least. Bush, at least, signed the form authorizing release of all of his military records. John Kerry never did. I have more trust in the release of Bush military records than Kerry's.

Finally, saying something is a fact does not make it so. You have to document and authenticate facts. Facts are not “fake, but accurate.” If a fact is a fact, is should be demonstrably so. Many have demonstrated, to my satisfaction (and I did some checking of my own to verify) that these memos were fakes. The only thing that really dismays me is that McPaper, I mean USA Today, which also did a report on these memos, isn't being investigated with the same zeal as 60 Minutes.


Josh Poulson

Posted Wednesday, Jan 12 2005 02:48 PM

Tracy the deserter is the coward who was *DISHONORABLY* discharged - JFK! Who refused to let the Navy release his records because of his dishonorable discharge. Now for the cartoon It relates to the bozoos at Viacom who are unable to identify facts when they hit them in the face.

Rod Stanton

Posted Monday, Jan 17 2005 03:14 PM

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