Our First View of The Spendulous

Republican Reading Committee Chairman Tom Price shows us the consolidated Spendulous Bill he finally got a copy of 11pm last night.

They want votes on this bill combining the House and Senate versions today. So much for the promise that the bill would be available for everyone to examine online 48 hours in advance.

I am highly skeptical that spending our way out of this mess will help, especially since market interference has a history of unintended negative consequences. In fact, the more government messes with things, the lower my confidence and the less likely I am willing to borrow and spend on my own, which is precisely opposite of what a stimulus is supposed to accomplish.

(Hat tip to Hot Air.)

Update: The link to the bill will be posted at ReadTheStimulus.org by midday, but they have a link to the Speaker of the House's website, which is failing under traffic.

Josh Poulson

Posted Friday, Feb 13 2009 08:19 AM

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