Brian Baird's Flawed and Biased Survey

I got a note from my Congressman, Brian Baird, to take a survey on Congress' Top Priorities. What I discovered was a mess:

What best describes your opinion on how the U.S. should handle the current situation in Iraq?
  • Maintain current troop levels until Iraq is stable
  • Support President's plan to increase troop levels
  • Begin a phased withdrawal of troops from Iraq
  • None of the above

How about supporting the President's plan to temporarily increase troop levels, Mr. Baird? That's an important word to omit.

When it come to legislation before Congress as it relates to gun control...
  • Congress should always protect the 2nd Amendment's right to own firearms
  • Congress should pass reasonable and responsible measures to ensure gun safety
  • Both of the above
  • None of the above

Amendments don't have rights, people do. I would choose a selection that reads “Congress should repeal any measure that infringes the right of citizens to own any personal weapons currently or previously in service to any of world's armed services or militias.”

What best describes your opinion on how the federal government should balance the budget?
  • A single payer system under which the federal government provides health insurance to all individuals
  • An expanded employer-based system under which the federal government requires all employers to provide health insurance to their employees
  • A system under which the federal government requires all individuals to purchase health insurance with government subsidies for those who can't afford it on their own
  • Do nothing. Leave current system the way it is
  • None of the above

Hrm, I think the question and the answers don't mesh neatly here. I would choose this answer to the medical insurance crisis: “Deregulate health insurance; ensure competition among health care insurers; cap damage awards in medical liability cases.” I would choose this answer to balance the budget: “Continue to reduce government services and simply other government programs until expenses are at least 10% less than taxes. Invest surplus money in basic research and infrastructure with an eye on long-term returns.”

Which statement best describes your opinion on future trade policies/legislation?
  • The U.S. should pursue trade policies that protect American jobs and the environment
  • The U.S. should pursue trade policies that open up new markets for U.S. products
  • Both of the above
  • None of the above

How about, “Support free trade agreements with countries that support basic human rights such as owning property, limiting government interference with commerce, and allowing consumers to choose amongst a broad array of competitors.”

Which do you agree with most when it comes to environmental issues?
  • The U.S. government should do more to protect the environment
  • Environmental regulations are often too burdonsome
  • Both of the above
  • None of the above

I choose, “Informed and plentiful consumer choices lead to socially-conscious buying decisions, even about the environment.”

Aside from the very important issue of the war in Iraq, which ONE of these other issues is most important to you?
  • Making healthcare more affordable
  • Reducing our dependence on oil and gas
  • Balancing the federal budget
  • Creating new jobs
  • Ending illegal immigration

I choose, “Simplifying and reducing government interference in free markets.”

Josh Poulson

Posted Monday, Jan 29 2007 12:25 PM

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