Response to “Meaningless Evolution”

Friend Howard Abrams writes about evolution and I felt a need to respond.

Are we so vain and arrogant that we can assert evolution is not God's plan in the first place? On what basis? It all boils down to definitions and the inadequacy of language and metaphor.

All living organisms on earth have traits dictated by a genetic structure. The theory of genetic drift explains that mutation and other factors can lead to random changes in genetic codes in offspring. The theory of speciation is that inheritable traits in species that can produce viable offspring eventually lead to new species from different ones. The theory of natural selection is that certain traits are more desirable in certain environments leading to the triumph of species good enough to thrive there over those other species who struggle to produce viable offspring. The theory of universal common descent is that because of the massive common sequences in the genetic code of current and historic species that all life on earth derives from a common ancestor (that appeared on Earth approximately 3.5 billion years ago). The theory of evolution takes these concepts together to conclude that the long life of the Earth and the diversity of environments has led to the diversity of species we have today.

Since all religious myths must be taken as metaphor, how could any religion not claim that God's plan to create the modern world was not accomplished in this way? The Bible says God created the beasts, why is it not possible that the way God created those beasts was through evolution? The Bible says God gave man dominion over the beasts, but why is not evolution of sentient tool-using man a way to implement that plan? The Bible says man is made in his image, but with the commonality of genetic code amongst all life is not all life in his image (with enough diversity to make things interesting)?

So, why is is distasteful for those who are religious to understand and acknowledge evolution as a suitable explanation for the diversity and change of species we now observe on Earth? Because the explanation offered above does not ascribe special meaning and uniqueness to human life. It is simply a variation that developed attributes that allowed it to thrive. This is what I feel is vanity and arrogance. We are God's chosen so we must be different than everything else around us. We must be special.

To me all life is special, and we are just as special as life. Treasure it more than the minor differences in genetic code that make us capable of being smart enough to argue about it. Treasure more the experiences that allow you to argue about it standing on the shoulders of giants that brought us this rich diversity of thought in the first place.

Josh Poulson

Posted Wednesday, Nov 8 2006 10:39 AM

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Josh says: Response to “Meaningless Evolution”

Friend Howard Abrams writes about evolution and I felt a need to respond.

It's nice that you are comfortable with evolution as the explanation for life on earth. But if you would carefully study ALL the evidence and quit echoing the words and thoughts of the evolutionists who call themselves scientists.

Ordinary people are highly subject to the Podium Principle. This principle is that if someone of 'importance', professor, president, preacher, rock star, etc. says something, it is AUTOMATICALLY considered the Gospel truth. I feel the only reason you are trying to defend evolution is that your have not studied the extreme complexity of living things.

After studying, and having logic hat in place NO-ONE in their right mind would conclude that life originated by chance. And as for God having created life through the postulate of evolution, that is absurd in the extreme. It makes God the worse kind of monster that could ever exists. Death, death, death, over and over again for 4+ billion of years, according to their calendar.

If you wish to be enlightened I suggest you go to and read, read, read. They have mountains of REAL evidence for a young earth and instant Creation. If you choose not to study, you will severely short change yourself.

Jim Collins

Posted Thursday, Nov 9 2006 07:30 AM

I don't claim to pontificate from a podium or respect those that do, however suitable explanations for available evidence are pretty good working theories for me. The best theories do not require some external cause for which there are no repeatable observations. If reliable unexplained evidence existed the theories would be expanded to include them.

My belief is that it is not necessary to believe in any particular god as it is pointless to understand something that cannot be reliably observed. If new evidence comes out that can be reproduced, I may change my opinion. I sure as heck despise the mutually exclusive religious systems based on selective history, myth, and social engineering that are foisted on humans on this planet. I have the lowest opinion of those that say, “This Book is the Literal Truth (except where It contradicts Itself, because It's a Mystery and It was transcribed by Humans who were flawed except that they were Prophets and the Mouthpieces of the One True God who wants you to convert, kill, or at least noogie unbelievers, except on Sabbath days).”

Evolution works fine with or without a god, because it's based on what has been observed and what can be repeated. I did not assert that life was created by chance, by the way. Of course it's no coincidence that we are in a place where conditions were life for ripe for life, because we couldn't live anywhere else.

I happen to be a scientist, although in an branch of mathematics related to computers. Of course things are more cut and dried in my area and I naturally have a bias for similar clarity in other disciplines. I have overcome this bias on more than one occasion.

If it not necessary to posit a god, I don't bother with it. It adds no value to the argument. Nothing has convinced me that it is necessary to posit a god, let alone some arrogant and vain anthropomorphism that cares about four billion years of death. I would rather aver that if one existed he or she created an elegant and complex system of adaptable life that expands and grows drawing on the strengths of inherited traits that have different values in different environments. This god expects you to play the cards you're dealt to the best of your ability so you can continue to grow and expand. Sounds like “go forth, be fruitful, and multiply” to me.

Josh Poulson

Posted Thursday, Nov 9 2006 08:20 AM

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