Toronto 17

We have been watching with some interest the developing story about 17 terrorists rounded up in Toronto.

Michelle Malkin notes that most of them are young, Muslim males, with two middle-aged ones thrown in for diversity (or, perhaps, leadership). Hot Air is aggregating tons of links here and here. Wizbang has a good round-up as well here.

The latest avenues of inquiry include the three (Imperial) tons of ammonium nitrate seized, the imminence of the attack, and whether arrests have been made in other countries. Already links have been made to previous arrests and attacks, for example this paragraph from a Washington Post:

Canadian reports said the raids were the consequence of the arrests by the FBI of two Georgia men in April. At the time, the FBI announced the two men had met with others in Toronto to plan attacks.

This one is obviously developing.

Update: So, it was a sting operation where the RCMP delivered the ammonium nitrate themselves. Also, the police determined these folks were a threat based on their phone calls and Internet surfing. Send in the ACLU!

Josh Poulson

Posted Sunday, Jun 4 2006 09:32 AM

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Holland has it right. They show you a video of life in Holland and say " if this offends you, dont come here". A simple choice that removes all doubt that parts of the world believe different things and have different values.

Terrorisim in MY CANADA enrages me and promps fear about all Muslims. We all know fear leads to hate. Im working on that.

My question is simple. If Allah is all powerful and just, why does he send a gang of children led by a man that has proven he is a stumbling fool to lead an attack on innocent people?

The wives of some of these men sound uneducated to say the least. Their views on Canada would lead to to ask why they would make the choice to stay here. They sound like victoms. They sound like they have no personal power and enjoy not having to take responsiblity for their situation.

I say terrorism is the easy way out for them. Changing a system, you believe unjust, from a democratic, grassroots level is a lot of hard work. Clearly they have no intention or means to do so.

Michael Lewis

Posted Saturday, Jul 15 2006 05:52 AM

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