New Supreme Court Pick a Real Winner

From Gun Owners of America:

GOA wants to thank all of you who contacted the President recently and suggested that he appoint a strong constitutionalist like Samuel Alito, Jr., to the Supreme Court.
As you know, Judge Alito (from the Third Circuit) has a strong record in support of the Constitution. Gun Owners Foundation was involved in the Rybar machine gun case which we ultimately lost in the courts. But Judge Alito offered a strong dissenting opinion to the majority report and argued that Congress has no right to regulate the private possession of machine guns.

Anyone that can actually read the second amendment is more likely to get my vote too!

The nomination of Alito is going to drive the other side crazy. Good. Judge Alito is a tremendous choice, and GOA will be asking you in the future to lobby your two U.S. Senators in favor of this pick.
In the meantime, thank the President for making such a good choice. And thank him for bypassing, once again, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales as a pick for the Supreme Court.

Gonzales was calling for a renewal of the time-, money-, and freedom-wasting Assault Weapons Ban.

GOA has asked you several times to contact the President and oppose a Gonzales nomination, because as one of the President's good friends, Gonzales has long been reputed to be on Bush's “short list.”
But that seems to have changed. The Associated Press recently reported that Gonzales is no longer on that “short list” because Bush is “trying to dampen [opposition] on the Republican right, which doesn't think Gonzales is a reliable conservative vote.”
Thank goodness. Bush didn't use to think that way. But you can pat yourself on the back for helping impress this new way of thinking into Bush's head.

Sounds like GOA likes Alito. That's quite different than with previous nominees.

Josh Poulson

Posted Tuesday, Nov 1 2005 03:25 PM

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You should probably be thanking Cheney & Rove for Bush's pick. Remember, Bush picked Miers...his buddies were busy.
I do think he will be objective on the Supreme Court. It seems that he's able to separate his views & whats constitutionally correct. Let's hope.


Posted Wednesday, Nov 2 2005 10:52 PM

New perspective, but good to hear.

PEter Porcupine

Posted Thursday, Nov 3 2005 12:55 PM

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