Microsoft Demonstrates Vaporware

Trust the client operating system platform monopolist to demonstrate vaporware:

Microsoft on Monday plans to show off pretty much the dream portable computer—a tiny tablet computer as thin as 10 sheets of paper with a camera, a battery that lasts all day and a price of about $800.
The only problem is that it's still several years from reality.
Microsoft commissioned the 6-inch-screen prototype, but still doesn't know exactly when it will be commercially feasible. It will probably come at least a year or two after the arrival of Longhorn, the new version of Windows set to ship at the end of next year.

It's always fun to demonstrate something cool, but why talk about a price point when you're years away from shipping in volume? Well, in order to stifle the development efforts of your competitors, that's why.

Today Microsoft finally ships a 64-bit operating system platform so many years after it killed its DEC Alpha program. I'll be the first to admit I as enabling 64-bit database engines over six years ago when I was at Informix, and I was hardly the first to do it. About time Microsoft joined the party. We'll see if they follow up with a 64-bit SQL Server right away.

Josh Poulson

Posted Monday, Apr 25 2005 09:44 AM

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