Fighting Walmarts in Cedar Mills, Beaverton

Walmart wants to come into Beaverton, Oregon in a little community called Cedar Mills. It's near a high-rent district called Forest Heights, but it's also near a major interchange (US 26) and is in the middle of suburban Portland. On the radio this morning I heard a comment that “no one that lives here would shop there.”

That's a goofy argument against a store from a company that leverages its size to bludgeon suppliers and offer the lowest average prices possible. One has already learned that becoming a millionaire (a common fable in Forest Heights) requires saving money rather than spending it. Walmart is a good way to do that. Don't those rich people in Forest Heights want to keep their money?

Even if no one in Forest Heights shopped at Walmart, all the folks in the valley might be interested. After all, this is suburbia down here where the oxygen isn't so thin.

I've never really understood all the fights against Walmart. Sure, it competes handily against little mom and pop stores, but stores that sell commodities are well aware of the damage of price wars. They should focus on what value they can add to demand those higher prices rather than relying on legal and community pressure to keep out the large chain stores.

Josh Poulson

Posted Tuesday, Mar 1 2005 09:21 AM

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Most of us regular people in the area are just concerned about the massive traffic problems it would create... I live in Peterkort Village, kitty-corner from the proposed site, If the traffic issue is resolved I would be happy to shop there...


Posted Tuesday, Mar 15 2005 06:55 PM

The real issue here is traffic and "look and feel" - we do not want any more traffic jams in this area, it is already bad enough. Many will shop there from Forest Hieghts or not.

The "big box" look will not help the asthetics of the neighborhood - we must concern ourselves with this as well..

Robert Merlo

Posted Thursday, May 19 2005 04:39 PM

'been here less than a year. Came from California. Traffic in Beaverton is way worse than down in Silicon Valley. 'seems like there's a whole lotta building stores and houses without any thoughts about building the roads to support them.

Go ahead and build the Wal-Mart. It will probably be a financial failure because those interested in buying from them won't tolerate the traffic load it causes.


Posted Sunday, May 29 2005 05:16 PM

Unfortunately, there are a lot of new-school idealists like yourself who only see money, and do not see how many lives are changed when these impersonal box stores are beamed down into suburbia. I work for a local hardware store at the south end of Cedar Hills Blvd. Try going into a box home-center and finding a friendly, knowledgable person to accurately help you with your do-it-yourself projects. Pretty soon there won't be an option. I guess it depends on where your morals are.


Posted Friday, Jun 3 2005 11:13 PM

im so sick of these anti-walmart people saying traffic this and traffic that!! what about the traffic when kohls was built??? how about lowes??? or target????the reason thos stores and traffic is ok is cuse the rich and upper class go to these stores and that is ok. if it has anything to do with the poor or lower middle class than it is not ok and traffic is a real issue!!! just admit that as rich people they do not want the type of people that shop at walmart to come into the wannabe up scale area!!!!


Posted Thursday, Jun 1 2006 09:43 PM

Just watched a report covering the walmart issue on the ten o'clock news ~~ a local Cedar Mills resident stated he didn't want someone from Lincoln City comming into Cedar MIlls to shop ~~ why in the heck would he think I would travel to Cedar Mills to shop at a Walmart when there are several closer to chose from ~~ I take offense anyway to that statement as I know folks from Cedar Hills come here to Lincoln City to shop at our Outlet and to visit the local Casino ~~ this is a lame excuse and sure strikes me as a "snooty" comment ~~ I wish we had a Walmart here so that we didn't have to travel several miles to shop at a store with choices, but this won't happen due to Lincoln City's "big box" ban ~~ seems to me that the idea that these discount stores take away from the communities they are in and hurt the local businessman is so "not true" as anyone with any background in marketing knows they help by attracting customers into their trading area ~~ We in L.C. see everyone (including those who support the big box ban) having to travel elsewhere to do their quantity shopping such as in Portland, Salem, and Newport ~~ My business depends on folks comming here to Lincoln City to shop and vacation ~~ however I see many "locals" going elsewhere to shop as we just don't have many of the goods and services neccessary to attract consumers ~~ obviously Cedar Hills is close enough to shopping areas and as a result, don't support the walmart development ~~ that is their choice, but don't use the lame excuse that you don't want me in your neighborhood adding to your traffic problems ~~ guess you could say I surely won't...


Posted Tuesday, Jul 18 2006 10:44 PM

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