More Anti-Gun Bills in Washington

We've received more updates from GOAL (Gun Owners Action League) about legislative activity in Washington. There's a ton of data.

Senate bills
SB 5041Sentencing rangeMcCaslin (R-4)S. Jud.Neutral
SB 5131Insanity finding/firearmsCarrell (R-28)S. Jud.Neutral
SB 5167Firearm suppressorsHargrove (D-24)S. Jud.Support
SB 5342Safe storage of firearmsKohl-Welles (D-36)S. Jud.Oppose
SB 5343Gun show loopholeKohl-Welles (D-36)S. Jud.Oppose
SB 5344Capitol campus gun banFairley (D-32)S. Jud.Concerns
SB 5383Juvenile hunting licensesOke (R-26)S. NatRes.Neutral
SB 5475Assault weapon banKline (D-37)S. Jud.Oppose
SB 5545Deployed military CPL renewalRoach (R-31)S. Jud.Support
SB 5593.50 BMG rifle banKline (D-37)S. Jud.Oppose
SB 5635Restoration of rightsSchoesler (R-9)S. Jud.Support
SJM 8005Manufacturer protectionBenton (R-17)S. Jud.Support
House bills
HB 1133Public disclosure lawNixon (R-45)H. StatGov.Neutral
HB 1213Juvenile hunting licensesClements (R-14)H. NatResNeutral
HB 1473Safe storage of firearmsMoeller (D-49)H. Jud.Oppose
HB 1489Capitol campus gun banWilliams (D-22)H. Jud.Oppose
HB 1490Park/rec area gun banDarneille (D-27)H. Jud.Oppose
HB 1627Assault weapon banKagi (D-32)H. Jud.Oppose
HJM 4002Manufacturer protectionCurtis (R-18)H. Jud.Support

Josh Poulson

Posted Tuesday, Feb 1 2005 08:02 AM

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