ICRA Label

Today I took the trouble of labeling pages on my site for Internet Content Rating, per the ICRA. I had to self-rate my content to general a “label.”

The label I generated label declares that this web site discusses or depicts:

  • No nudity or sexual material
  • Killing of human beings—The terrorism topics and discussions of lethal force, for example
  • Deliberate injury to human beings—Again, the terrorism topics and lethal force topics
  • Violence appears in an educational context and is suitable for young children
  • Mild expletives—I try to avoid this but sometimes things slip through
  • Promotion of weapon use—I agonized over this, but I have pictures of me shooting here and I actively promote safe firearms use
  • Material that might disturb young children
  • Moderated chat suitable for children and teens—I do moderate incoming comments

So perhaps my site is a tad controversial in these terms, but I think I made an honest attempt labeling it.

Part of the fun was having their tester find all the external stuff I was linking on my site. I fixed most of that mess and I think the pages will even load more quickly because most of the images come from my site now. It is a bit goofy to load a single icon from another web site.

Josh Poulson

Posted Tuesday, Feb 8 2005 11:08 AM

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