Zarqawi Lieutenants Captured

Leading up to the Iraqi elections, we hear from Captain Ed that two more Zarqawi associates have been captured. I certainly appreciate that efforts to squash the leadership of the terrorist arm of the Iraqi insurgency continues apace.

Many believe that Zarqawi has fallen into a trap with his response to President Bush's inaugural speech. Just after the president said he had been too strident with his “Bring it on!” gibe, his speech emphasized his desire to bring democracy and end tyranny around the world.

Some took his speech as a threat to Saudi Arabia, but I doubt it. It was aimed squarely at the Axis of Evil.

Zarqawi's reaction?

We have declared a bitter war against the principle of democracy and all those who seek to enact it.

An interesting thing to say. What alternatives are he offering to democracy? The tyranny of dictators or شريعة (shari'a) law.

He did get one reaction that I suppose he would consider positive:

Polls have shown that most Iraqis plan to vote despite such threats and unremitting violence, but the fear is palpable in conversations with Iraqis, many of whom refuse to be photographed or even to talk to Westerners.

I hope the elections go well, although there are many jokesters already saying that Saddam Hussein will win.

Update: James Taranto points out another Zarqawi quote in today's “Best of the Web” column in OpinionJournal:

“Democracy is also based on the right to choose your religion,” he said, and that is “against the rule of God…”

Now there's an argument for the separation of church and state if I ever saw one.

Josh Poulson

Posted Monday, Jan 24 2005 11:16 AM

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