King County and Gregoire Update

This latest quote, via Sound Politics but really from OpinionJournal's John Fund in his “Poltiical Diary” daily, which I used to subscribe to and maybe will again:

A handwriting analyst hired by the state's home-building industry believes there is strong evidence that one person may have signed over 300 provisional ballots cast in a controversial precinct [1823] in which hundreds of voters listed the county's administration building as their home address.

As usual, I will advise you all to read Sound Politics, because they already noted that the quote is questionable, since the fellow hired to do the handwriting analysis has not issued a report.

They did find something else:

…their investigation has revealed a substantial number of illegal votes cast by felons!

In the past couple days my entry on “” has drawn a couple hundred visitors looking for the site. Welcome!

Josh Poulson

Posted Tuesday, Jan 4 2005 08:39 PM

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