ASLET Conference a Success

ASLET had its annual conference this past weekend and it appears to have been a success. They also elected a new Board of Directors:

Phil Messina, Treasurer
Chris Yanuzzi
Bob Bragg, Chairman
Kat Kelley, Vice Chair
Pat Martin, Secretary
Mary Gifford
Chris Scaglione
George Demetriou
Jennifer Haas

They changed their name back to “American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers,” already secured a site for the next annual conference (New Mexico), brought back the gun give-aways that Frank Hackett had dissolved, and more.

It looks like they are going to rely on their state representatives a lot more. I'm not one of ASLET's state reps, so I guess I'm safe for now. No news on what the committees will be up to (I'm on the Bylaws Committee, and my name has been bandied about for other committees as well).

Josh Poulson

Posted Monday, Jan 10 2005 05:16 PM

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