Sat Down With My Advisor

I sat down with my advisor, Prof. Jack Raiton, and we discussed my plans for the MST program and I got some good information. First of all, I had too much in my plan, so I got to cut out a course. Second of all, they are going to count my class I took in 1998, so I got to cut out yet another course. This makes going into the final days of Capstone a great deal easier. It also puts me at having 21 of 53 credits complete, almost half way. I was supposed to be halfway after this coming quarter so I'm on track. In fact, after next quarter I'll be at 29 of 53 credits completed.

There will no longer be a menu to follow by the time program changes hit this coming summer. It will become just a core curriculum and a lot of electives, with a minimum number of credits. My new plan exceeds this minimum by one credit, primarily because I want a 4-credit elective and Capstone is increasing from four to five credits taking over two contiguous quarters. I don't miss the old system, since it was specifying that I needed to take a course in Software Engineering, which would be pretty boring for me.

The new plan, as approved by my academic advisor: (D classes are online, W are in Wilsonville campus, A and B are weekends at the Hillsboro campus)

1/05-3/05: MST 572-D (Finance), MST 573-D (Marketing)
8 credits

4/05-6/05: MST 520-D (Management), MST 523-W (New Product Development)
8 credits

7/05-9/05: MST 511-D (Quality), MST 530-A (Strategy)
7 credits

10/05-12/05: MST 574-B (Marketing II), MST 550-A (Capstone I)
6 credits

1/06-3/06: MST 550-A (Capstone II)
3 credits

The way things are going because Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) owns the OGI School of Science and Engineering (formerly Oregon Graduate Institute), Capstone courses may very well have a health focus. That doesn't bother me too much, although I certainly want to keep a software focus. I've made systems software all my life, so even application software is not necessarily where I want to be.

Josh Poulson

Posted Thursday, Dec 9 2004 08:06 AM

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