Only Lawyers Can give Legal Advice

The Volokh Conspiracy's Todd Zywicki examines Cracks in the Lawyer Cartel. I have always been amused by the ways that the legal profession attempts to regulate and control who may assume what role in a variety of situations. I have seen it in other professions as well, for example the recent (failed) attempt to create a tier of “Certified MBAs.” How long before project management is tied to those who maintain a PMP certification? (I've considered acquiring this certification, but I'm busy with my schoolwork.)

Since my father is a few days away from 2.5L, I've been looking more into the legal profession and its workings. It's been pretty enlightening. My previous exposure to this has been from the side of a particular “deep” area, namely Use of Force. My time in Lethal Force Institute courses and instructor training have taught me more than I really wanted to know about police and legal work.

I've encounted patents and employment law in the software business and I did take a Business Law course when I made my first run at an MBA a few years ago. (Someday I should tell my story about why I think University of Phoenix is a waste of money.)

All it all, it's been enough for my wife to think I might be interested in being a lawyer. It all sounds so limiting to me.

Josh Poulson

Posted Friday, Dec 17 2004 10:28 PM

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