Gregoire Over Rossi By 8 Votes?

Before the official results have come in, Democrats have been jubilant over their expected win of the hand recount, by the span of a paltry eight votes. Sound Politics recounts (pun intended) their victory lap here and tops it off with what should be a common observation:

The only thing stunning about all of this is the Democrats' unmitigated gall.

Blogs for Bush has their own choice comment:

It's just a coincidence that Democrats somehow managed to count a Democrat victory right? Eight votes? In a manual recount, I think that's within the margin of fraud.

(Emphasis in the original.)

Captain Ed's observation is similar:

The only sure fact this morning is that Washington's electoral process is a mess.

At any rate, it's premature to declare a winner, as King County still has problems. From the KGW report:

Berendt and Democratic party officials concluded Gregoire would win after crunching numbers supplied by King County, the state's largest. The county has finished recounting its 900,000 ballots, but election officials said they still need to reconcile differences in the precinct totals.

They still can't figure out what the real precinct totals are but they are declaring victory?

Josh Poulson

Posted Wednesday, Dec 22 2004 12:28 PM

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