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Via The Volokh Conspiracy we find a link to a Legal Affairs debate over notoriously student-run Law Reviews: “Are Law Reviews Really Rubbish?” Judge Richard A. Posner debates law clerk and former articles committee chair of the Harvard Law Review Randy Kozel.


Kozel: First, I don't think things are quite so bad at student-edited journals. Second, with respect to the problems that do exist, I'm not sure that student editing is the cause, or that faculty editing is the cure.


Kozel: At my law review, we conducted our own time-intensive analysis of each article's arguments and contribution to the existing literature, but we also never accepted an article for publication without sending it for comment to a few scholars in the relevant field.

Some of the response:

Posner: I agree that showing a submitted article to a faculty member for advice on whether to publish—a gesture in the direction of peer reviewing—is an excellent idea. My impression is that it is done rarely.

This should be interesting.

Josh Poulson

Posted Monday, Nov 15 2004 02:56 PM

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