Why Does The Kerry UN Security Council Memory Breach Matter?

Sure, the issue of Kerry lying again seems like a non-starter, but it is important, ultimately.

Captain Ed says it best:

We have a presidential candidate who has repeatedly accused George Bush of lying to the American public on the thinnest of evidence, and yet Kerry felt no compunction about telling this lie directly to the cameras during a presidential debate. Kerry spent the past week accusing Bush of using scare tactics to get re-elected, and yet Kerry has spent the past several weeks spreading the lies that Bush has secret plans to start a military draft and to steal the pensions of senior citizens. Kerry and his allies have made wild accusations about Bush's military record but have squealed like schoolgirls every time people ask him to sign a Form 180 to release his own complete military file.

Perhaps he would lie better if he wasn't so darn precise! Lori Byrd, at Polipundit also comments:

I was amazed by the specificity of the recollection of the meeting.

One would hope he had learned from his infamous Christmas in Cambodia canard. But no, instead he falls into a pattern. Roger L. Simon points out:

…the obvious point remains—he has a casual relationship with the truth and has been willing to bend it for his own purposes for decades.

Finally, Redstate has collected a list of Kerry's specific quotes on the matter.

Christmas in Cambodia again? You bet!

Josh Poulson

Posted Monday, Oct 25 2004 03:08 PM

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