Posner on Law Reviews

Richard Posner comments on law reviews:

…in other academic fields, except law, the most prestigious journals are edited by seasoned specialists, usually professors, who have had years of experience both as editors and as scholars in the field covered by the journal.

Brian Leiter, commenting on the above article, goes on to say

…the best interdisciplinary work now appears in one of the proliferating faculty-edited journals. The “elite” law reviews are largely left with the dross: mostly bad interdisciplinary work (some good stuff at the law schools where the law reviews consult the faculty), and an occasional useful article in constitutional law or some doctrinal topic vexing the courts. Is this really worth consuming hundreds of thousands of hours of time of the nation's best law students? Hardly.

I will urge my father, on the Ave Maria School of Law Law Review to contemplate a response.

Josh Poulson

Posted Sunday, Oct 24 2004 05:22 PM

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