Wendell Marries Hobbit

kiss under swordsWendell Joost, a friend of mine for the last few years on the Pacific Northwest firearms training circuit, got married yesterday. I manged to be there with a camera. While we have a large quantity of raw pictures I'm not comfortable sharing them until we have cleaned them up a little. I did send Wendell the URL so you can harass him when he's back from the honeymoon. Click the thumbnail to the left for a larger image.

Wendell has been my Master Training Counselor since 2000 when I came up to Seattle for my instructor training in Pistol and Personal Protection and when I became a Training Counselor myself. We have collaborated on instructor training (and even TC training) in Oregon, Washington and even Montana.

kiss under swordsWendell and Hobbit have both been active with the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. While Girl Scouts can go after any merit badge a Boy Scout can get, with their local council approval, we haven't seen a lot at our Rifle Merit Badge extravaganzas. Even so, they have set up evilscoutmaster.com.

Josh Poulson

Posted Sunday, Aug 22 2004 09:14 AM

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Thank you for sharing this.
I can't claim Wendell as a close friend, but he is one that I always look up to. I've shared a table with his now spouse.

All the best to all..

John Blatchford

John Blatchford

Posted Thursday, Aug 26 2004 08:03 PM

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