NRA BOD Submission

I mailed in my questionnaire to the Nominating Committee today, answering lots of snoopy questions and a few doctrinaire ones. For the most part I think I'm a longshot for getting selection by the committee. After all, they are looking for more people to support Wayne LaPierre as Executive Vice President of the NRA. Who the heck is this Poulson person? What did he send that guarantees he will support The Winning Team?

Wendell, the Evil Scoutmaster, commented that I should not have mentioned my stint with the Libertarian Party of Oregon. However, I think it was valid experience. I served on their Board of Directors for a year as Membership Director in 1996. I also served on their Judicial Committee and as their Parliamentarian. To top it all off, I ran for the Oregon State Legislature in 1998 and got 15% of the vote in Southwest Portland.

Others might think my background in software development and management has nothing to do with the NRA Board of Directors. There I have to disagree. The NRA badly needs technological know-how if it plans to modernize. Right now it is giving boatloads of money to advertising agencies who make interesting websites. But do they get us more members? Do they teach more people to use guns safely? Do they serve the needs of the growing population of those who legally carry guns concealed?

That is the perspective I plan to bring to the NRA if I get on the ballot and perhaps on the board.

Josh Poulson

Posted Wednesday, Aug 18 2004 05:30 PM

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