Coulter Takes Up the Hardball Challenge

Anne Coulter has written a new column, “Admitted War Criminal Cries Foul.” She reviews the treatment of O'Neill on O'Reilly and Hardball. While she only picked on O'Reilly for not having a strong position, she feels O'Neill didn't get to finish many of his setences on Hardball and then notes Chris Matthew's challenge:

I'll be glad to clock you, John, on how many minutes you spoke on the show. So don't try that old trick.

Anne, being industrious, gets out her calculator:

Total words by book author John O'Neill: approximately 1,150. (Complete sentences devoid of Matthews interruptions: about 2.)
Total words by paid Kerry flack Hurley: approximately 950.
Total words by Matthews, excluding host prattle (“Welcome back to 'Hardball'!”): approximately 2,290.

I never saw the show, but I heard it described as an ambush by some, and unfair by many. Since it has been rumored that the GOP is encouraging its membership to no longer appear on the show, I wondered how bad it could be. If you go on the show to talk about something and only get 35% of the coverage, and even then you are interrupted before you can make a point, I can see why you'd hesitate.

Josh Poulson

Posted Wednesday, Aug 25 2004 05:41 PM

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