Chechen Black Widows Strike Again

Soon after two Chechen women are linked to the bombings of two Russian jets, another bombs the subway in Moscow.

She "decided to destroy herself in a crowd of people" in a busy area between the subway station and a nearby department store-supermarket complex, Luzhkov said, adding that her bomb was packed with bolts and pieces of metal.
"There was a desire to cause maximum damage," he said.

That Islamic terrorists use female suicide bombers should not be a surprise after the incidents in Israel in past years, but the credibility of the Black Widows is soaring. The BBC article from September 2003 includes these statistics:

Of seven suicide attacks by Chechen separatists on Russia in the past four months, six have been carried out by women. In total the attacks have killed 165 people.

Obviously these women are motiviated by deep hatred based on the loss of loved ones. Be grateful that such things do not happen here.

Josh Poulson

Posted Tuesday, Aug 31 2004 02:56 PM

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