Blogging without my old perl scripts

Well, today I installed Moveable Type on, in hopes of making life easier for keeping the site updated. The various items I discuss on the main pages will eventually migrate here.

For example, I've received frequent requests to update the firearms schools page and I've been slow to make those updates. Perhaps this new system will make it easier to do so.

Another reason is that I've been reading more and more RSS feeds with FeedDemon and the RSS world definitely seems to have matured. Because of the bloggers out there I am seeing a great deal more on-target material than I ever have before. Some folks who might be interested in what I am looking at would benefit from me blogging those items.

A bad thing, or a good thing, about blogging is that it encourages frequent short postings instead of infrequent long postings. Since I post too infrequently, this will be an improvement.

Josh Poulson

Posted Wednesday, Aug 4 2004 01:24 PM

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