Old pictures of Joshua R. Poulson

Yeah, I'm still Josh Poulson to most, but I tend to use the formal address in my official web presence. I need to figure out which one to use and be consistent.

Here's a bunch of old pictures of me, which means I'll probably have trouble determining the date and circumstances. Click the thumbnails to get the full size pictures.

Really old pictures

Josh Poulson Photo by Phil West
Stony Point Forest, PA

Here I am weighing less then than I do now, with even decent looking leg muscles. This particular day had been spent wandering around a park that featured a big pile of rocks that had been dragged along and deposited by a glacier.

Josh Poulson Josh Poulson Photos by Kathryn Blain
Location Unknown, OR

Oregon formal (clean flannels) and goofy smile, but beyond that I don't remember where these particular pictures were taken. I believe they are from a road trip (also a camping trip in this case) to California and back along the Oregon Coast. As a result my hair isn't tied up, I haven't shaved, and I can't necessarily vouch for the sparkling cleanliness of the flannel. Even so, I vaguely remember this photo being taken as Kathy Blain, Howard Abrams, and I drove back from California where we had gone to a work party. We drove back through Oregon along Highway 101 and camped out along the way.

Josh Poulson Photo by Kathryn Blain
Alderwood Apartments, Lake Oswego, OR

My old green hat, my old black top coat, a scarf, a blue and gray sweater, and a day when my long hair didn't look horrible. Quite the success. This is the picture the Oregonian ran when I ran for office instead of the other one I had offered.

Josh Poulson Photo by Lillian Herman
ADP Dealer Services, Portland, OR

Quite the opposite of the previous picture. This is a “bad hair day”. This is me at work at ADP, who had brought me to Oregon from Pennsylvania in 1995. Note the various pieces of dangerous political propaganda on my cube wall.

Josh Poulson Photo by Kathryn Blain
Alderwood Apartments, Lake Oswego, OR

This picture is the campaign photo I used for my run for office, as is described elsewhere. While I generally don't wear a tie, let alone a sport coat, here is a picture that captures me in one. Of course, it's because I'm trying to look respectable and yet be a politician. Note the fact that my seven years growth of long hair is completely hidden by tying it back behind my head.

Josh Poulson Photo by Tido Pesenti
Informix Software, Portland, OR

A snap stolen of me in my Sennheisers at work, and used for the old company directory. This is another picture where long hair is hiding behind my head. A few folks said it didn't even look like me.

Not so old pictures

Josh Poulson & Rich
Daniel The Place to Shoot, Portland, OR

Indoor shooting, and you should be able to make out the red dot of the laser sight on the assailant, played by Rich Daniel. It's a “red gun” made of rubber, not a real one. Class is “Defensive Handgun 7” and I'm not sure who took the picture.

Josh Poulson, Carol
Reichert, & Ray Chapman Carol Reichert &
Josh Poulson Ray Chapman, Carol
Reichert, & Josh Poulson Ray Chapman & Josh
Poulson Photos by Dave Garren
McCord Ranch, Austin, TX

These pictures are from a two day pistol marksmanship course taught by the original world champion, Ray Chapman. I'm pretty easy to spot in my green jacket. The gal in the red vest or purple coat is Carol Reichert. The big guy in the blue jacket is Ray.

The first picture features one on one shooting against a set of moving targets. The targets move across the field of view from right-to-left, or left-to-right, at varying speeds.

Josh Poulson & a
student Photo by Rick Brooker
Firearms Academy of Seattle, Chehalis, WA

This face I'm making is what I call “the Cooper pose”. Jeff Cooper has always been a gruff and imposing figure. Same hat as previous picture, but it's hard to get the color right. Class is the Lethal Force Institute's “LFI-1”, comprising coursework on Judicious Use of Deadly Force, and practical handgun standards.

Josh Poulson & Hank
English Photo by Gila May-Hayes
Firearms Academy of Seattle, Chehalis, WA

A little weekend fun. That's my green Jetta in the background. Hank English is the man serving the fine moo cow. Firearms Academy of Seattle is another great local training organization. I plan on taking some more courses there this fall. At the match we shot this day I ended up taking fourth place.

Josh Poulson & a
student Josh Poulson & two
students Photos by Mark Mannex
Douglas Ridge Rifle Club, Estacada, OR

Another beautiful weekend for shooting, so I attended the DRRC Action Pistol match. Note my Gun Owners of America T-shirt and my D&D Gunleather T-bar holster. The second shot features another view of the T-bar holster, and a glimpse at my Second Amendment Task Force hat, as well as Wilson Combat ears. The pistol is also a Wilson, but you can't read the logo from this distance. You can, however, see the new style of Wilson “Nite-Eyes” sights. Looking at the Match results I didn't excel, but I didn't do poorly either.

Josh Poulson Josh Poulson Photos by John McEnroe
Johnson Creek Gun Club, Portland, OR

A shot of me teaching the first lesson of the NRA FIRST Steps Pistol course. You'll notice that I'm wearing glasses because I tore a contact and hadn't replaced it yet.

Josh Poulson Photo by Dr. Mike Brown
The Place to Shoot, Portland, OR

More practice on the tactical range out at The Place To Shoot. Dr. Brown took a picture of me doing a simultaneous “draw, retreat, and fire” exercise. Others may call it “getting out of the hole.” The main idea is to make sure that the assailant doesn't want to follow you. The photo is grainy because I compensated for the low light conditions of the photo. Note the recently ejected cartridge above the gun.

Josh Poulson Josh Poulson Photos by John McEnroe
Douglas Ridge Rifle Club, Estacada, OR

Practice shooting session for teaching the NRA Personal Protection in the Home course. I love the second shot because I've got two pieces of brass in the air at once and a determined expression on my face. Don't forget that I'm also already pulling the trigger for the third shot. The expression isn't effort or anything like that, it's recoil impulse.

Josh Poulson & Dan
Sweet Photo by John McEnroe
Johnson Creek Gun Club, Portland, OR

More teaching. I'm doing a NRA FIRST Steps Pistol class in this picture, demonstrating a shooting position (specifically, Bullseye Pistol). Fellow instructor Dan Sweet is also pictured.

Josh Poulson Photo by me!
My apartment, Portland, OR

After seemingly thousands of attempts, many of them really bad, this is the picture I selected for my online dating service photo. It's obviously recent, it looks kinda like a mug shot, it's a three-quarter view so it looks life-like (straight-on is really hard to get right), and I look reasonably good. If you're a single gal 24-34 in Portland, would you buy a pickup line from this man? I have a higher resolution shot available as well. The astute will notice that I'm back in contacts again. The really astute will notice that in order to get that natural smile I told myself a joke!

Josh Poulson Josh Poulson Photos by Leigh Maynard
Portland Rifle and Pistol Club, Portland, OR

I'm relearning my rifle skills, under the watchful eye of Leigh Maynard, NRA Instructor and now-confirmed Training Counselor. I've forgotten a lot, and my body shape has changed considerably from when I first started doing rifle stuff. Maybe in future sessions I'll break out the Mini-14, AR-15, or the FAL for some beefier shooting. I didn't get a picture tonight, but Leigh brought his M1 Garand out for show and tell. Yes, I'm wearing glasses again, but it's because I'm on the range.

Josh Poulson Josh Poulson Photos by Carol Reichert
Multnomah Falls, OR

A trip to Multnomah Falls to play with my camera. I'm pretty sure I'm not very good at it.

Josh Poulson Photo by John McEnroe
Firearms Academy of Seattle, Onalaska, WA

The first tactical match of the year at FAS. Kathy, Don, and Wyley designed a great little match with six stages that even featured different kinds of weather. From the picture you can see we had three inches of snow in the morning. By 3pm it was Spring!

I managed to be the range officer for a stage, which allowed me to once again wear my obnoxious orange hat. There's a large version of the picture available, too. I ended up winning the match, which was a big surprise for me!

Josh Poulson Photo by Michael Jones
Douglas Ridge Rifle Club, Estacada, OR
John McEnroe, Josh Poulson, a
crowd of students, & Lee Anderson Josh Poulson & a crowd of
students Photos by John McEnroe
Douglas Ridge Rifle Club, Estacada, OR

Learning to shoot at clay pigeons in a NRA FIRST Steps Shotgun class. A larger version of the left one is available. In that picture, I'm on the left running the trap house. To my left is John McEnroe, taking pictures. On the far right is Lee Anderson. The middle photo has me dry-firing a Beretta AL391 Urika, which shouldn't surprise anyone since I'm a Beretta fan. The last has me doing the pointing exercise as well, although you'll note I'm left-handed.

Josh Poulson Josh Poulson Josh Poulson & a
student Photos by John McEnroe
Michael Jones's House

Home Firearms Safety class, booted from our normal home at the Johnson Creek Gun Club by a calendar snafu, we decided to conduct class at the home of instructor Michael Jones.

Jim Cirillo, Jr, Josh
Poulson, & Jim Cirillo, Sr Josh Poulson & Jim
Cirillo, Sr Josh Poulson & Jim
Cirillo, Sr Jim Cirillo, Jr, Jim
Cirillo, Sr, & Josh Poulson Photos by Dan Sweet
Firearms Academy of Seattle

Getting my certificate for Jim Cirillo's Close Quarters Survival course. A little bit of shooting on the move as well. It was a fun course, featuring some unique shooting positions for dealing with shooting while wounded. There was a lot of diagnostic shooting as well. As usual, trigger control is what it's all about.

These pictures are of the more recent me, although they seem to mostly come from shooting events. That's probably because that's typically where I'm around cameras. I'm not necessarily so good at self portraits. Click the thumbnails to get the full size pictures.

Poulson Photo by John McEnroe
Somewhere in the middle of the Coast range, Oregon

Today's activity is shooting for NRA Qualifications, this one being the Handgun Qualification. I've attained the rating of “Expert” but I need to complete “Distinguished Expert” to get mention in the journal of record. As you can see, I still like having lots of brass in the air.

Josh Poulson Photo by John McEnroe
Portland Rifle and Pistol Club, Oregon

John snagged a picture of me as we were putting together materials for teaching a class. If you want to see the whole show, sign up.

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