Supreme Court To Hear District of Columbia v. Heller

Finally the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (RKBA) will be considered by the Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller after 68 years of messed up gun laws under the botched United States v. Miller.

Apparently it took some effort to frame the question, but this is what they ended up with

Whether the following provisions—D.C. Code secs. 7-2502.02(a)(4), 22-4504(a), and 7-2507.02—violate the Second Amendment rights of individuals who are not affiliated with any state-regulated militia, but who wish to keep handguns and other firearms for private use in their homes?

(via SCOTUS Blog.)

Update: There's a lot of background information at the SCOTUS Wiki.

The Brady Center to Prevent Handgun Violence has sent out a letter begging for $50,000 by November 30 so they can file an amicus brief.

The Washington Post has written a longer article on this case, as has the Associated Press, which you can read here at Fox News.

Finally, there's some lively discussion on the case at Hot Air.

Update: The grant of certiorari is here amongst the other orders.

Update: Plenty of good background at The Volokh Conspiracy, too. Here, here, and here. Also some discussion about Justice Kennedy's vote.

Update: The Federalist Society has published an email debate on this case. Notice Glenn Reynolds (the InstaPundit) predicting that the Supreme Court would not grant certiorari. Thanks, Dad, for the link!

Update: The Wall Street Journal has weighed in with an article and a Law Blog Q&A posting. The Law Blog swings against the individual right interpretation, which seems contrary to a lot of other thinking.

Josh Poulson

Posted Tuesday, Nov 20 2007 10:15 AM

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