Yesterday I got LASIK surgery, almost entirely by surprise. My glasses broke last week and I was able to repair them. My disposable contacts are no longer refillable without another appointment, I looked at all of my options.

Because of my membership in Eye-Care Plan of America (ECPA) I had a significant discount from the LasikPlus+ folks in Portland, and I made an appointment Thursday. Friday I went in and they had the option of a same-day surgery. So, last evening, my eyes were modified by a Alcon laser. This morning I'm already able to see well enough to read and type, although I'm quite far-sighted.

The actual procedure took less than 20 minutes (The laser was only used for 93 seconds per eye) and Misty drove me home. She has a picture of my baleful eye somewhere that perhaps she'll post.

Today I'm listening to audio books and resting. Back to Adventure of English for me.

Josh Poulson

Posted Saturday, Jul 22 2006 10:12 AM

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