September 11, 2005

A year ago I wrote a retrospective on 9/11. It still applies today.

9/11 has been referred to as a day of reverence, or reflection, or anger, or other emotions. For me it is a reminder of the need for proactive, not reactive, measures to handle our own safety.

On Wizbang today they are posting entries that correspond to the times of certain events, such as the crashes and the towers collapsing. The one event that did not happen on 9/11, but long before, also needs to be remembered:

This enemy declared war against us a long long time ago. It took nearly three thousand deaths for us to react.

I worry today that the constant political bickering has slowed our reaction to the discovery of terrorist plots and our effectiveness at containing them. I guess I have had my role in that bickering, and I admit that emotionally it is more satisfying to do something than do nothing. I just hope it doesn't take another monumental event to ensure efforts to secure freedom for ourselves (and I believe it means securing freedom for others as well).

Josh Poulson

Posted Sunday, Sep 11 2005 08:44 AM

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Debate about what needs to be done and how it should be done isn't bickering, it can be helpful. It's the name calling and derisive hectoring of those who disagree that make the debate not so helpful. Good post.


Posted Sunday, Sep 11 2005 09:02 AM

The sooner Americans forget about the nightmares of 9/11, the earlier the war in Iraq will come to an end.

No sane person wants to live with the nightmares of his darkest nights.

Don't let the nightmares hang over your heads like ghouls haunting your souls.

Orikinla Osinachi

Posted Tuesday, Sep 13 2005 07:52 AM

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