Asterisk previews Backpack

D. Keith Robinson of Asterisk got a golden ticket and previewed Backpack.

What benefits does Backpack bring?

It seems in many ways to be a personal version of Basecamp. It’s got some of the same features, a similar UI and the philosophy behind it is basically the same. It’s a personal information manager and organizer. It’s got a to-dos, notes, calendaring, reminders and thing like that.

Apparently it has a feature for sharing calendars, to-dos and reminders with individual pages, as well as the capability of sending reminders over SMS to your phone.

How did he like it?

I’m sure after I’ve used it a bit, I’ll have more to share, but for now, looks really good and mighty useful.

Backpack launches tomorrow. We'll see what it brings.

I also wonder if some of these features will get enabled in Basecamp. I use Basecamp for a lot of things that apparently Backpack is good for. The evolving integration of the two would be interesting to see.

Josh Poulson

Posted Monday, May 2 2005 11:43 AM

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