President Froman

I forgot to mention that this past weekend was the annual NRA members' meeting, which means elections. Sandra Froman was elected president of the organization. She is best known for Refuse to be a Victim and Women on Target. I think she'll be a good president, although Wayne LaPierre is still calling the shots as EVP.

The following were elected as officers of the National Rifle Association by the Board of Directors: Sandra S. Froman, president; Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice-President; John C. Sigler, 1st Vice President; Ronald L. Schmeits, 2nd Vice-President; Edward J. Land, Jr., Secretary and Wilson H. Phillips, Treasurer.
Upon re-election, Wayne LaPierre re-appointed Chris W. Cox, Executive Director of Institute for Legislative Action and Craig D. Sandler, Executive Director, General Operations.

And the following slate was elected to the Board of Directors:

Mr. Sanford M. Abrams
Dr. Thomas P. Arvas
Dr. David E. Bennett, III
Chief J. William Carter
Ms. Patricia A. Clark
Mr. Allan D. Cors
Mr. Charles L. Cotton
Professor David G. Coy
Mr. John L. Cushman
Mr. William H. Dailey
Mr. Joel Friedman
Governor James S. Gilmore, III
Mr. Roy Innis
Mr. John F. Milius
Senator Zell Miller
Sheriff Peter J. Printz
Mr. Todd J. Rathner
Chief Kayne B. Robinson
Chief Carl T. Rowan, Jr.
Mr. Harold W. Schroeder
Mr. Tom Selleck
Mr. Bruce E. Stern
Mr. Don Turner
Mr. Howard J. Walter
Detective Lieutenant Dennis L. Willing

There's some familiar names in there, but I made that commentary months ago when I reported the results of the Nominating Committee.

Now that the Members' Meeting is over, I can start collecting signatures to run for the board next year.

Josh Poulson

Posted Wednesday, Apr 20 2005 11:26 AM

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