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It's Blogcess

This week's “It's Blogcess” is about living la vida luna:

This week there have been a few news articles about countries who hope to travel to the moon within the next decade. These types of articles always make me wonder what is taking everyone else so long to get there since the US was there in the late 60’s—or were we? This week “It’s Blogcess” is all about the moon.

Let's go to the moon!

Buzz Aldrin on the Moon

1) Do you believe the moon landing was faked?

No, I don't.

2) Why or why not?

I haven't found the discussions about strange lighting to be all that compelling. The deep dark blacks of the shadows and the obvious reflections from silvery lander modules and white space suits work pretty well for me. The only diffusion I see comes from the silvered and smoked faceplates of the astronauts' helmets.

The sheer number of people who would have to be “in” on a conspiracy big enough to fake the moon landings would be impossible to contain. This is the Achilles Heel of any large conspiracy.

Beyond this, all of the advances that appeared in aerospace as well as computer science that can track their lineage back to the Apollo program (for example, FMEA) point to a heck of a lot of work for just a conspiracy. One could say that NASA seems to not use FMEA now, though, so it may have come from some Air Force UFO program instead.

3) Let’s say they finally get it right and we are able to travel to the Moon and you are chosen to go along for the ride. They tell you they will provide everything you need, but they will allow you to take one personal item, one grooming item and one food item of choice.

What would you take?

Personal item: hacky-sack or juggling balls, I have to know!
Grooming item: purple listerine for Klingon space blood recreations
Food item: Tang!

4) Let’s spread some “It’s Blogcess” linky love?

I thought I’d share some moon sites for those interested in reading more about the hoax – nonhoax theories:


After reading the attached websites, I realize I forgot an obvious source of “extra” light: the surrounding lunar landscape!

Josh Poulson

Posted Thursday, Apr 21 2005 12:47 PM

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There are 2 comments on this entry.

I almost put Tang as my food of choice LOL - - good choice, Josh :)

Thanks for playing "It's Blogcess" this week - - I really enjoyed your responses.


Posted Thursday, Apr 21 2005 02:52 PM

What strikes me as intriguing is what does the moon hold and why are we so ready to escape this big blue marble we barely understand.

What is the goals here? The cosmos are a force to be reckoned with but perhaps we have a few messes to clean up at home before we make any more somewhere out there...


Posted Sunday, Apr 24 2005 10:41 AM

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