1,135 Felons and 45 Corpses

Today the GOP released the names of 1,135 felons and 45 corpses that voted in the 2004 election for governor of Washington State.

“It's one more significant piece of evidence that this past election was not only deeply flawed but that we don't know who won,” said Mary Lane, a spokeswoman for Republican opponent Dino Rossi, who is challenging the results in court. “Christine Gregoire is not the legitimately elected governor.”

That would be the case if Gregoire's 129 vote margin depended on these ineligible voters. Past history has shown that felons are more likely to vote for Democrats by a significant margin, however. Dead people tend to vote for Democrats in Chicago, but I'm not sure about Washington.

(Hat tip to Jayson at Polipundit.)

Josh Poulson

Posted Friday, Mar 4 2005 06:40 AM

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Many of them voted in heavily Democrat King County.

The fact that those votes were counted when they should not have been, /and/ are greater than the margin of victory, makes the whole thing a big mess.


Posted Friday, Mar 4 2005 08:48 AM

The Dead vote in Washington State seems to be heavily Democrat, too. I fact, strangely in that election, most of the illicit votes went to the Democrat.

Randall Brink

Posted Friday, Mar 4 2005 02:57 PM

The WSJ Political Journal indicated that they fact-checked the list a little in King County. They checked 32 names from the GOP list and 2 were bogus. Doesn't seem like there will be enough errors to invalidate the study.

Josh Poulson

Posted Friday, Mar 4 2005 03:31 PM

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