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I bit the bullet and set up Google AdSense. Perhaps some of you might claim I've sold out since I've had no advertisements on my web site since 1995, unless you count the links to books and DVDs. However, as my traffic goes up I need to be defensive about the change that Kira (who wrote the books CGI 101 and CGI 201) and Brad will start charging me more for being hosted on

So, on every static page, the ads will appear on the bottom of the main column, after all the content. I was tempted to put the ads in before the comments form for individual pages, but even that seemed too much. I also added a Google search, although I prefer A9 myself. However, A9 doesn't have a search box.

To date I've made $2.52 on links after being an Associate for a month. Already today I've had more then 60 Google ad impressions. Not quite enough to pay my hosting bill, but that's hardly a problem. links:

Josh Poulson

Posted Friday, Feb 11 2005 02:20 PM

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