Rossi v Gregoire

So, the Judge in Chelan county has ruled:

  • the case will go forward
  • the case will not have the expedited schedule the GOP requested
  • the case will not have a delayed discovery process that the Democrats requested

The Democrats have also not backed away from legislators saying that it's something for the courts to decide and also asking for a dismissal because election contests are something the legislature should decide.

I think that too many obvious shennanighans will cause a backlash against the Democrats in this contest. I get a feeling that is what motivated a lot of the base (on both sides) in the 2004 elections for President. I still have my “Sore Loserman” T-shirt, and I did wear it in the days after the election when many wanted to make Ohio into the new Florida.

The GOP mantra is at least consistent. “The only way out of this is a revote.”

Josh Poulson

Posted Friday, Jan 21 2005 10:42 AM

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