Rossi to Contest 2004 Election

There's loads of information at Sound Politics and plenty of interest from across the blogosphere, but first we start with KGW's report, although much of it comes from the much-maligned Associated Press:

Republicans have been building a case over the past few weeks, gathering evidence of voting irregularities, including illegal provisional ballots and a handful of votes cast by dead people. They are pushing for a revote, an unprecedented step in a statewide election.

Unprecedented? It's been done before in Washington. It's being done in the same 2004 election in North Carolina! In fact, the news conference the AP covered in this election, Rossi mentions this. Kinda stupid to say it is unprecedented, unless you mean it only to cover elections for governor in Washington in 2004.

Brian Crouch at Sound Politics covered the same press conference and got a little bit different tag line for it:

Governor-elect Dino Rossi, standing before a sign reading “Every vote should have a voter,” just announced that his campaign will be contesting the election results.

Since I don't trust the AP anymore (just search my blog and you'll see why), I'm more inclined to believe Brian's assessment.

Josh Poulson

Posted Friday, Jan 7 2005 11:07 PM

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