Edward Tufte's Beautiful Evidence

Edward Tufte, best known for his Visual Display of Quantitative Information, has given us a sneak peak at a chapter from his new book, Beautiful Evidence.

Here is the first of several chapters on consuming presentations, on what alert members of an audience or readers of a report should look for in assessing the credibility of the presenter. Most of Beautiful Evidence is about helpful techniques in evidence presentations; these 3 or 4 chapters, however, will describe sources of corruption.
This draft will be posted for a month or so; I'd appreciate helpful comments.

Tufte's work has always fascinated me, and it's probably sacrilege that I have his books in the hanger in storage as opposed to on the shelf of prominence. I admit the shelf is infested with books for school at the moment, and not necessarily books of beauty.

Give his new chapter a read. I love the part about bullet lists on business plans. It is certainly something I've noticed in my travels.

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Josh Poulson

Posted Friday, Jan 14 2005 11:44 AM

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