DDOS Attack on Major Blogs

Last night there was a distributed denial-of-service attack on many major blogs on the Hosting Matters service. Since I am hosted through the extremely independent cgi101.com I was not affected, but I did notice I couldn't read a few sites.

For example, I could reach any of these:

It will be interesting to discover who engineered this attack, and why. Hosting Matters is not home to only conservative blogs. Perhaps trackback and comment spammers are getting frustrated with efforts to shut them down.

Update: Looks like Say Anything was hit too. Heck, this is the start of a blogroll.

Another update: Apparently Wizbang was affected too.

Josh Poulson

Posted Saturday, Jan 8 2005 10:23 AM

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Same thing happened Sunday night - couldn't access wizbang, LGF, Powerline for about 3 hours.


Posted Sunday, Jan 9 2005 10:54 PM

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