“Arnold, I'll Be Back”

The folks at Slings and Arrows point out a piece from today's OpinionJournal Best of the Web Today that I overlooked. Until now, that is. First, there's Arnold's speech:

Let me tell you about the sacrifice and the commitment that I have seen firsthand. In one of the military hospitals I visited, I met a young guy who was in bad shape. He'd lost a leg, he had a hole through his stomach, and his shoulder had been shot through. And the list goes on and on and on.
I could tell that there was no way he could ever return to combat. But when I asked him, “When do you think you'll get out of the hospital?”
He said, “Sir, in three weeks.”
And do you know what he said to me then? He said he was going to get a new leg, and then he was going to get some therapy, and then he was going to go back to Iraq and fight alongside his buddies.
He said, “Arnold, I'll be back.”

Poignant. But then add Taranto's analysis:

Who could miss the implied comparison to someone who left Vietnam after being awarded three Purple Hearts for wounds that didn't require hospitalization, and then rather than return, went to Washington to slander his “buddies” as war criminals? We're not naming names or anything, but you see what we mean.

Slings and Arrows said, “ouch!” Me, I just hope the everyone out there in TV-land picks up on this. I missed the speech and I haven't had a chance to read the transcript yet, but if it is as good as I've been reading, I need to watch it soon.

Josh Poulson

Posted Wednesday, Sep 1 2004 04:15 PM

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