Swift Response

Even as we await the onslaught of the anti-SwiftVet response, we see that it is having a mild effect even on the most painfully Kerry biased, as reported in Captain's Quarters.

It's amazing to me that MoveOn.org can so easily misstate the source of the SwiftVet's ad to imply that Bush has any control over it. However, the primary attack against the SwiftVet content has been to call John O'Neill a "Texas Republican" or to yell at him on TV.

I've only heard one interview with him recently, however, on Larry Elder's radio show.

The big difference to me? Bush has signed the 180, Kerry has not.

I think MoveOn's ad will backfire as it draws even more attention to the questions the SwiftVets are asking, instead of distracting us from it.

Josh Poulson

Posted Tuesday, Aug 17 2004 09:16 AM

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