Josh Poulson, NRA Board Member?

Today I received a letter from Edward Land, Jr. of the NRA. My name has been submitted to the NRA Nominating Committee for its consideration in selecting nominees for the NRA Board of Directors.

It would be interesting to contribute some time to the NRA BOD. I certainly have some ideas about how the NRA could improve its efforts to train private citizens and I have some involvement in police training as well. Since one of the NRA's missions is to train private citizens in the safe use of firearms, I think I could contribute here. My campaign promise would be to do the heavy lifting necessary to get the NRA to roll out training for private citizens on the safe and effective deployment of firearms from concealment. It is a travesty that so many states allow concealed carry but the largest firearms training organization in the world does not offer this basic information.

I guess in the next few days I should put together my response to the questionnaire and get a decent portrait taken. As I get that material together I will also post it here. The good news is that they do not require a campaign promise in their material. The bad news is that if they knew what I was promising, I would probably not get selected.

If the Nominating Committee does not select me, it is still possible to get on the ballot by collecting signatures. While it's probably not a bad idea to start collecting signatures now, I need to look up the proper procedure. More on this later.

Josh Poulson

Posted Wednesday, Aug 4 2004 04:28 PM

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